Kabatas High School, Since 1908

Kabataş East Asia & World Project for a better and more peaceful world

Consul General of Canada in Istanbul at Kabatas High School

Shimonoseki Mayor & Consul General of Japan in Istanbul at Kabatas High School

“Japan Promotion Day”, with the cooperation of the Consulate General of Japan in Istanbul

Undersecretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea conducts a seminar to our students

University Placement Results of Kabatas High School 2016 Graduates & Notable Alumni

East Asia Summit & Kabatas Model United Nations in 2016




Established in 1908 by Hasan Tahsin, also the first headmaster of the school, Kabataş Mekteb-i İdadisi had served to raise qualified leaders for the Ottoman Empire for 15 years. After Turkey became a republic in 1923, the institution became a standard high school with its new name: Kabataş Erkek Lisesi.

Owing to the inadequecy of the building used by the school, Kabataş Erkek Lisesi had to move to the nearby Feriye Palaces, where the royal relatives of Sultans had previously been accomodated. Feriye Palaces are known for their fascinating view of the Bosphorus.

Later in the first half of the 20th century, the Dormitory and the Dining Hall were added to the buildings of Kabataş Erkek Lisesi as well as the building that contained the Conference Hall and the laboratories.